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Land Pride



  • Cat1&2 QH: Fits Land Pride Quick Hitch for easy one person hook-up to tractor.
  • Seeding Width : 72" & 86" seeding width provides high productivity over wide areas and flat or gently sloping terrain.
  • Machine Weight: Heavier unit weight provides for better spike penetration and seed-to-soil contact.
  • Lift Hooks: Lift hooks mounted on each end of seedbox to attach lift straps or chains for easy loading and unloading.
  • Water-tight Seedbox: Keeps moisture and rodents out of the seedbox.
  • Large Seedbox Capacity: One bushel per foot. Keeps filling to a minimum and increases productivity.
  • Easy Seedbox Clean out: Simply moving the flute lever to the proper position allows for easy clean out and removal of all seeds.
  • Heavy Duty Hopper Lid with Stay Open Support: Precision fit to keep water and rodents out and HD construction with integral prop support keeps lid from slamming shut in windy conditions.
  • Seed Splash Guard: Prevents seed from being spilled out between the lid and the box during hopper filling.
  • Precision Grass Seed Cups: Proven fluted seed cups for highly accurate seed delivery.
  • Built-in Agitator: Prevents bridging and keeps seed flowing evenly to cups.
  • Powdered Metal in Fluted Sprockets: Helps dissipate any heat buildup from fluted area and plastic seed cup housing.
  • Easy Seed Rate Adjustment Capability: Proper seed rate lever positioning is conveniently indicated on the seed rate chart for ease of setting and adjustment with a high level of confidence.
  • Wind Guarded Seed: Drop Protects seed from blowing away and ensures uniform seed distribution across the full width of the seeder.
  • Seed Rate Chart: Conveniently positioned as large durable decal under the seed box lid for handy calibration reference.
  • #40 Roller Chain Drive: Provides for smooth and quiet running with a high degree of reliability and a spring loaded idler keeps the chain properly tensioned.
  • High and Low Speed Range Settings: A simple and easy repositioning of seed drive sprockets allows for an expanded range of seed drive settings.
  • Crab Action Spiked Front Rollers: Two 8" diameter front rollers can easily be angled from 0-20 degrees providing for more or less aggressive thatching action or soil cultivation and seedbed preparation.
  • Spring Mounted Rear Rollers: Full length rear rollers come in a choice of 8" diameter spiked steel or a cast steel and notched packer type roller that are spring loaded for maximum down pressure and seed to soil contact.
  • Ground Driven Metering: The rear roller serves as the primary seed meter drive providing a very high degree of accuracy, low maintenance costs, and long component life.
  • Rear Spiked Roller Option: Opens ground surfaces covered with heavy vegetation and/or grasses to allow seed to make contact with the soil. Allows planting over existing grass without killing the grass.
  • Rear Packer Roller Option: Presses seed into full contact with soil that has been worked into a seed bed.
  • Mud Scrapers Option: Reduces build-up of mud and debris on rollers when working in wet, sticky, or trashy soil.
  • Spring loaded chain idler: Spring loaded idler keeps constant pressure on chain so seeding rate is consistent
  • Overall Width: 99 3/8" (2.52 m)
  • Seeding Width (Broadcast): 87 3/8" (2.22 m)
  • Weight (Approximate Pounds): 1320 lb (598.7 kg)
  • Hitch: Category I Formed A-frame plates; Fits Land Pride Quick Hitch; Category I & II Formed A-frame plates; Fits Land Pride Quick Hitch
  • Seed Capacity: 1 Bushel (35.2 liters) per Foot (30.5 cm) of seedbox, 7 bu. (246.7 L)
  • Number of Seed Cups: 12
  • Seed Cup Type: Fluted for accurate metering
  • Seed Cup Door: Four position door for different seed sizes and complete clean out of seed cup
  • Seed Drop Wind: Guarded
  • Seed Box: Water tight with paddle type agitating above seed cups
  • Seed Box Lid: Heavy duty lid with seed splash guard
  • Seed Cup Settings: Wide range of calibration settings: Weight per acre, per 1000 square feet, per hectare, and per 1000 meters.
  • Seed Cup Drive: Metering rear roller ground drive with spring loaded #40 roller chain, high/low speed change sprocket, spring tensioned idler & seed drive shut-off pin
  • Front Rollers: Two 8" (20.3 cm) Diameter spiked rollers capable of angling from 0 to 20 degrees each and mounted on 1" sealed greasable bearings
  • Rear Roller Option: Straight 8" (20.3 cm) diameter spiked roller Straight 11 9/16" (39.4 cm) diameter cast notched packer rings
  • Rear Roller Mounting: Spring loaded mounted on 1" (2.5 cm) sealed greasable bearings
  • Roller Spike Size: 1 1/2" (3.8 cm) x 1/2" (13 mm)
  • Mud Scrapers Option: Bolt on mud scrapers for front and rear spiked rollers. Bolt on mud scrapers for front spiked rollers & rear packer roller.



Working Width
87 3/8 in. (2.22 m)
99 3/8 in. (2.52 m)
Hopper Capacity
1 Bushel (35.2 L) per ft. (30.5 cm)/ 6 bu. (211.4 L)
1320 lb. (598.7 kg)
Recommended HP
25-80 HP

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